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Gay message boards

Gay message boards

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I see the escort frankston to Looking for breast Clay is no longer there. Has it been officially decided to remove it or have the Claymates snuck the edit back in? The only fansites that need to be included in ANY "encyclopedia" are sites that are either official or contain reference information, Finding Clay Aiken, Boafds Nation News, etc. Especially a site that is minute when compared to the fandom as a whole.


Why not register at the site and request entry into the members only password protected area.

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This is a criminal lack of neutrality. Because of the constant reverting I have temporarily protected the from editing.

I have seen among the carping on both sides of the argument here some excellent points vay by those of us who oppose the link. I also pointed out that assumptions were being made about escort cip position of those opposing the link--to wit that we are "disgusted with homosexuality.

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You have many people backing up the allegations nc escorts this discussion. You also have no-one with any knowledge of the site defending the allegations.

Download as PDF Printable version. Sites that speculate and lie about it should not be advanced and promoted here. Have you looked at what your site is now promoting? Leh sigh. It is NOT encyclopaedic knowledge!

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I don't think "kids might see it" can ever really be a reason to remove information from an avowedly uncensored sullivan oh housewives personals. I will add that our society also condones the mocking of individuals with characteristics associated with that stereotype as a legitimate form of "comedy". When you said "Silvy is bords I naturally assumed you were speaking in present tense, and I'm sure others did, too.

There are plenty of others I can quote. Try to keep up!

Namespaces Article Talk. It's not allowed at RHT, I understand that.

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Miklos Szabo10 July UTC Protection The discussion thus far has not worked towards consensus and the article has been whipsawing back and forth. It doesn't matter to me.

The topic of this subsection is vitriol [or it was until "talk" was sectioned boardss, under the umbrella of mesage larger issue--the Openly Clay link. I don't care how many people think it or say it or where it is written about and talked la belle pa milf personals, such as the fansite you continue to push for inclusionthe man denies it is trueend of story.

It sounds like it takes more than a little effort to get to the areas you dislike.

Did you read any of the discussion before choosing to protect the with a link to that cesspool? Comments like that do not help. Openly Clay has ggay membership of approx.

Lots of them are. If Wilkopedia wants to become a relevant reference tool then it should be responsible to provide "accurate" information and not include propaganda groups in an area to which they have no relevance. I cincinnati daily escort the link to Openly Clay is no longer there.

Always active singles community, with tons of members near you.

If it is boarss by kids, I would have to assume that it is not intentional. Why is it OK to smear his name and show and advance speculation but have a fit and take a threatening tone when information about you doesn't please you? At least, nsa kissing and mutual messaging the way I understand it.

It's not like someone could click on the link unknowingly and come up with something they might find offensive. Clearly it does not. Same as you are trying to do for yourself. Escort service nashville tn again, it would behoove you to read the preceding discussion, willmcw.

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What matters is that the editors are not collaborating productively. The only criteria should be whether this link le to further the search for knowledge bozrds Clay Aiken.

I can't say I am fully aware of the content in the members-only section. So this is an unsupervised. Any other links are escort in bkk by un-known people and are not a part of this discussion.

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